Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nye, and other times

 Stumpy and Riv Hunq in the wild.
Taking a break
 Catching the last sunset of 2012.

 Starting 2013 in the redwoods, my first night in a bivy.
 a healthy minimal breakfast
 I decided to make a fender for my commuter bike. Shops seemed to only carry plastic or fancy plastic (polycarbonate) ones and I wasn't down. I've broken all sorts of plastic fenders and it seemed stupid to me to buy some more future garbage. Looking around in the basement I saw something that caught my eye, a gutter downspout. I started experimenting with a grinder, some tin snips, and a metal crimper and eventually came up with this. I used the hardware from all those aforementioned broken fenders, and although quite rough looking, it's like a ghetto Honjo, maybe call it a Nonjo.
 Lastly, the Christmas crossword in the Oregonian, although too easy, was a work of art.


  1. dang, your "ghonjo" turned out awesomely. they deserve more pics.

  2. thx, I'm going to try and make a nicer rear and I'll post a better pic once I do.