Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ninety one years

I took this 2x4 off an old workbench this weekend, denailed it, and made one clean cut to see what the wood looked like under all the grime. It had such a pleasing grain I had to take a pic. If I counted right there are 91 years represented in this one board. Pretty awesome.

Monday, July 30, 2012


We had this awesome idea to ride Repack this weekend. We kinda cheesed out and took the bikes in a truck to Fairfax with the intended route to ride the BoFax road to the Pine Mountain trail, do the mountain loop and then back down Repack into Fairfax. The trails are super gnarly in the steep and baby head boulder kinda way. It turned out to be a quite difficult ride but beautiful and rewarding none the less. Unfortunately, none of the trails have any signage on the mountain and our Krebs map seemed to be missing lots of detail...our epic descent down Repack turned out to be the wrong trail! Oh well, another day bromies!

Brian on his MB1 and Jon on his 86 stumpy

a lot of this...

I couldn't resist the mirror shot

up at the summit
and then some other summit
Tom was kitted out in OG repack gear, but totally on accident as this was his first mtb ride ever!

Jon shreds "Repack"