Monday, February 17, 2014

Old Objects

Found a few old things recently.

 like this: a massive 16" bastard file

 This I didn't find. It's pretty jankedy, and good chance it won't work for long, still, I had fun making it. This is on my first ever mtb, a 90's Trek 930 with True Temper tubes. I'm finally giving it away to a friend after 15 awesome years!
 Since I have a new baby, I have to do a lot of walking, she seems to dig it. I found this on the ground in a small park near where a stream daylights.  Best I can tell, it's 30's Raleigh stem. It's almost like a fancy lugged stem but takes a funny size bar, something like a 23mm clamp area. Cool anyway and I may have bars that fit.
 Then there's this thing. For the past couple of years I've been riding an old Basso. It's a neat bike but it never fit quite right, didn't fit big (32mm) tires, and the brazed on front der mount never worked well with a compact double. I chanced upon this Griffon recently. There's not much info on the web about this thing, but it seems that it was made in Santa Monica by a guy named Jim Holly. Can't be sure on the date but the frame came with a 7 speed rear wheel and was spaced 128mm so I'm guessing 80's. The build here was just everything from the old bike. Anyway I took it out for a decent ride today and was really stoked. I'm looking forward to getting some bigger tires on it though.
Just some details. Simple elegant lug work. Not sure what lugs they are, but best guess is Prugnat - any lugnuts out there know?

Also, understated fork crown.
Rad font!
Tire clearance with a 28mm tire, not bad.

The filing finish work on the campy long dropouts is nice.
Still room here too...

Clamp on cable guides are classy but not my favorite when running new cable housing. If this thing had a pump peg and another water bottle boss, it'd be near perfect.
It's fun to oggle beautiful bikes but in the end they are meant to be ridden! Here are a few from a rainy Sunday.
I currently have a funny set-up on my old Ridegrunner. Switching back to Jitensha bars and two thumb shifters soon.