Saturday, April 30, 2011

Been a long time old friend

I've been slacking here, I know it. I'll try to do better in the coming months. I got cought up in the moving out of my house and into a new one, and starting a business thing, and it tends to cut into my goofing around and blogging about bikes time. I have still been obsessing and riding and tinkering.
My wife traveled to Vancouver about a month ago and took some shots of locked up old MTBs for me. Obviously I was stoked on two accounts there, first for the pics, and second because my wife was interested enough to shoot pics on my behalf. Here's the goods:

Check the triple triangle mono-stay?
It's Canada, so hecka Norcos up there!

Mystery, but lugged

Norco Bushpilot

Insane backwards mount U brake?

Yes, Niall is mystified too!

Norco Sasquatch

Norco Sasquatch

Norco Sasquatch
Soon to follow are pics of Jonny's Stumpjumper, and Gabe's 84 Sekai apparently with no model name. Since I'm finishing up the move, I can't find anything, including the cable to get the pics off the other camera. Soon!