Thursday, January 24, 2013

Night ride, tight ride

Stoked to have made it out tonight for a little night ride. The Sanyo/lumotec dynamo set up worked great, but truthfully paled in comparison to my buddy's Cygolite Metro 300 usb rechargeable dude.  That thing is crazy bright! 

looking east
looking west
My little Lumix doing it's best to shoot at a little drunk blur to everything.


  1. I just bought a Philips Saferide that is on sale on Amazon for 89 bucks and it's awesome!

  2. I wonder how it compares to the Lumotec. I'm pretty happy with the amount of light from it and was able to descend with confidence, still though, i'm getting one of those Cygolites for my other bikes, it's too cheap and too good and it easily moves from bike t bike.