Monday, December 10, 2012


Just some quickie tinkers. I've been under the weather recently and trying to stay off the bike until I'm sure I'm in the clear so tinkering will have to feed my hankering.
 The Basso with it's "new" compact crank. It's a sugino XD2 triple that  I recently got and removed the inner ring. The gearing is much more useful now and more suited to my riding style in the surrounding hills. This set up is 46/36 and feels faster than the old 52/39 with a higher cadence. The Brazed on front der mount is a bit too high for this set up, but setting it a tiny bit askew did the trick. I use a campy triple ergo shifter for this anyway so the indexing has always been wacky, but the campy shifter has a ton of micro clicks and feels like it would work for almost any set up. I'm open to janky fixes...
 Here's a grimy close up of the crank and TIGHT bb fit. I just left the old bb in and gave it a shot and it works. Might change this in the future, but I just didn't have any Italian threaded bbs sitting around.

Also took Brian's advice and ground off the little tab on my old Superbe Pro pedals. I left it slightly high so that it would still be strong(ish) but it is a marked improvement for my wide feet.
 Speaking of pedals, I also messed with the old XC2's on the Stumpy. I got these radiused spacers from the pedals on the Ridgerunner that were holding the reflectors on. I decided to try running toeclips using the spacers. It does work, but I would need size 15 feet to have my foot in the right position over the axle. I may try to mount them on the inside where the nuts are now to shrink the length. Either way, I prefere to have clips in the dirt so that my foot stays anchored to the bike and can't get jiggled off. I'm gonna try it like this in the mean time.

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