Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Schredders last ride

Sunday was one of our solid Dirt Owl's last rides before he heads off to shred the gnarly streets of his new home in Brooklyn. Many a muddy tear was shed.

The fat tires all lined up ready for the ride. My Diamondback is center sandwich here and you can get a nice view of it's ugly replacement fork. Awhile back I bent the lugged original fork about mid-way up the steer tube, right at the TANGE stamp. I fixed it once but it just bent back and so I had to replace it. It kind of reminds me of how the early klunker bikes were breaking all the time and the parts for those bikes were hard to find. It's hard to find threaded mtb forks with a 9" steerer! Many of the bikes we are riding are 25+ years old and that old steel has it's limits.  At the same time though, these bikes are just production models and that gives us a kind of freedom to ride them hard, and when things break it's a bummer but it's not the end of the world. Now if we rode Ritcheys and Potts it might be a different story...

Here we are taking our training really seriously. You can see Jon just pounding that can of Gu here, and he's just got his jersey all unzipped because he's overheating from hammering out the miles during the last interval. It's all about performance...

Little meeting at the Wizard's staircase
It's seems like we were just standing around in all these pics but we rode our bikes too. We managed to hit Redwood, Joaquin, and Chabot. Shred on shredder!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Birthday trippin'

Quickie overnighter to Angel Island for a double birthday thing. I'd been before but what a radical place!

camping scene

This is the underside supports for an old water tower. It was a maze of old redwood rotting in peace.

a forest find

ol' wrinkly head

Goofballs spring break 2012!

This tree is still blowing my mind

Abandoned stuff

Sf beach scene

This blown-out pic kinda grasps the feeling.

One of the buildings was open and welcoming.


Stumpy brothers

Horned owl bro. I don't know how it is that it's eye is glowing, but I'm not gonna ask any questions.

sunset and fog dawn

It was crazy nice out the next day.