Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1983 Stumpy

The title says it all...I happened into this bike by total chance; I was buying a truing stand from a guy and it turned out he had this frame rusting in peace that he was interested in selling. I couldn't resist especially having nearly every part to build it lying around from my 85 stumpy rebuild. It's pretty rough around the edges, but I took it out for the Sunday ride and, although small, had a blast.

Sugino AT with biopace rings, an 80's "upgrade"
This Microshift derailleur transforms the shifting. The original XC der shifted like hell, it clicked and clacked and then five minutes later you get a shift out of it. With the new der, original freewheel, and newish 5 spd chain, shifts are fast and quiet. I tried to reuse my recently unused IRD freewheel, but it proved to be an unrepairable POS. I'm going to pull it apart later to see what failed but it has been the worst 60 bucks I've spent on bike parts in recent history.
I'd been thinking about this underside mount for a while, and then a buddy beat me to it so I had to try it out. Looks clean up top, and works slightly worse than top side. Possibly the position can be changed to make it better...

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