Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Stumpy is almost fully "modernized," with the most recent change being the Dynamo hub and light. I've only taken it on a few night rides so far, but one of those included a section of trail, and I am amazed. I heard a lot of noise about these hubs for years but the cost of setting one up always scared me off. Even with my cheapie Sanyo hub set up here the light is super bright and feels like I'm opening up a whole new world of night riding.

 the modern stumpy

Above and below my solution to mounting the light. I didn't want to use the tab on the rack because it placed the light too far out over the wheel, and mostly looked goofy.
This is a bracket that was left over from some Italian shelving that I installed for a job. It was threaded M6 in both directions and I figured it would have a bike use one day, and viola! I ended up drilling out the threads in the top bolt so that I could get it tighter to the rack. As you can see here, the wiring is a little funky and those tail light stub outs need to be fixed but I was anxious to try it and threw aesthetics to the wind.

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