Monday, December 5, 2011

East Ridge Runner

I know this "winter" weather won't last, but this last weekend was really killer. I got a chance to try out the '85 Stumpy that I happened to find recently. I can't believe that it works so well. The components are all original and in great shape. I was most impressed with the Suntour XC "high normal" front der. which is so smart. My other old timey mtb will shift into the small ring up front about half of the time because the spring is losing it's juice. With the reverse movement on the XC I can at least get it to drop into an easier gear when I need it, which I do more frequently than using the big ring.
More later on the stumpy...


  1. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog looking for something else entirely. Love the shots of all the old MTB stuff, I've just been sucked in to this recently, now I can't stop scanning the local craigslist, etc..

    Thought you might enjoy my 83 Stumpy. started out as "find a cool old frame to make a SS grocery getter" and ended up something quite different. It's a blast to ride.

  2. Nice job on the Stumpy! It's pretty fun to "modernize" these old bikes and make a good working and good looking bike. Really like the super moto tires; they're so big! We've been riding similar tires, and they're surprisingly fast. Nice one!