Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1986 Mt. Fuji LTD

This is a new project that I hope I can convince my brother in law to accept as a kid hauler and grocery getter. It was Fuji's top of the line mtb for 1986, and it is loaded with radness. Front and rear early model Suntour rollercams, drilled, and with the alloy cams. Suntour XC hubs, shifters, rear der (sport 7000), and pedals. Sugino AT crank with some BB that I've never seen before (maybe Suntour XC). Here's the catalog info:
The frame is fully lugged and has double eyelets on the rear vertical drop out with the "hidden" interior eyelets up top. The entire frame seems to be chromed under the paint and only exposed on the drive side chain stay. The fork is just tigged unicrown and has the "lawers lips" drop outs. Anyway, I know that's probably too much detail so here's the candy as I found it:

The chrome stuff:
Never seen one of these before:
Very similar to the Superbe Pro pedals:
...on the middle anyways...
Head lugs:

Not the original bars:
Radical stem:
Two bolter:
Mid flange hubs:
Hard anno RM-20s:
It's light too! :
The bike will get a bit of a overhaul before becoming the ultimate city bike; different tires, bars, seat, grips, racks, and fenders. We'll see how it goes.


  1. your bro-in-law shouldn't require too much convincing. it looks like it dropped from fat tire heaven! now the challenge for him is to guard it as befits its status as new member of the family.

  2. I'd like to know where to get a set of those brakes at. They would looke good on my Schwinn Probe. I left a comment on a post last april sbout a list of bikes, but forgot to add if you look me up on velospace, I have a list of info for both my Probe and Pegasus. I left the pegasus alone but the Probe has a Swift Arriv front wheel from a certain Mongoose full suspension It has the back on, but it needs a new hub. It also has a Kenda Kwest as a front tire and a Kenda 838 for a rear tire. THe bike handles like a dream when aquitted with it's oddly long frame. It also sits about an inch or two higher than the Lotus Pegasus. I wish I had room for more bikes. I had found a diamond back but couldn't keep it. I had to part it and ditch it. I'm gonna do like you and find them around and take pictures.

  3. Unfortunately the roller cam brakes are not made anymore and are very difficult to find, sometimes they show up on ebay. However, the roller cams will not fit your Probe, because the Probe has cantilever brake posts; roller cams use a different mounting position. A roller cam post is actually brazed to the frame/fork HIGHER than a canti stud.

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