Monday, November 28, 2011

Old stuff

My interest in old technology doesn't stop at bikes, even if it does consume a large amount of my time. I recently got a hold of some tools from my carpenter ancestors. Here are just a couple of pics:

This was stamped on the end of a few of the moulding planes.
Some of the moulding planes
A measuring tape. Money on the mind.
Some sort of two handed plane.
Another measuring tape made by Lufkin. The exterior is covered in leather.
A screwdriver that looks like it belonged to Louis the 14th.
Some squares with inlaid brass.

And some bike stuff. I just Got these old Specialized toe straps. They are so nice! Super thick.
It's hard to believe that any big bike company would have had anything acually made in Italy. But then again, they had bikes made in Japan back then too.
Just a great book idea and design.

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