Wednesday, February 22, 2012

THE HEAD LANDS (in paradise)

I had the day off and decided to accompany my buddy Nick to the Headlands in Marin. He was camping out there for the night and I was just along for the ride. Basically summer has started here, I mean, I know it hasn't and it'll be nasty again, but today was something else. STOKED DONUTS!
I decided to try all B&W today. Seems old-timey still.

Airplane view on coastal trail
Paradise stuff
No technical riding here, just wide crushed granite trail. It's kinda nice because you can zone out and take in the view.
Nick paradise slurpin. Can't really see it here, but that's an old Bruce Gordon he's sitting on. We'll get some more pics of that up here soon.
Up top. My stumpy stand-in, and SF peeking in.

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