Monday, February 6, 2012

Catching up. Cockpit Swaps, Shop Shots, Rivendell Ridge, High Art, Rarities and Weirdos.

Brian's Hunk, getting a new Nitto Bullmoose. I think these were Riv only and of limited production. Brian set up a bare version so you can see the big brass fillets. Radical.
Much swoopier than the old versions
Then out for a test ride in shell ridge.
No technical stuff for us, but the gnarlitude lies in the view.
Ridge running

My stumpy got a new cockpit as well
Not sure how she feels set up like this. It's a little weird at first. The bars are 48cm Nitto Rm -013 dirt drops, on a Nitto dirt drop riser stem. I'm also tryin' out those wiggly new Tektro levers.
I ended up just using the Shimano 8 speed bar-end shifters in friction mode, but I seriously considered these little gems from Kelly. What a smart idea!

Top view shows the bend on the bars. Unlike many dirt drops, these only bend outward below the brake lever so that the lever sits in it's normal position and not tilted as it is on say the On One Midge/Origin 8 Gary bar
A younger me would think that this is such a dorky set up...
Such a nice bike!
The old cockpit, resting in peace
And since I was in the shop I figured I'd snap a few pics.
Campy stash, pretty, but not very useful to me, at least for the moment...
Sugino AT (aero tech) crankset with a XTR outer ring
1" Kooka threadless stem
Grandma's saddle
Bar jumble
Oakland pride, shifter bits

I also spotted this interesting bike recently. Those who follow this blog know that I have been considering making a monster cross/ghetto 29er out of an old hybrid, and this is a prime example. It's a Miyata triplecross. Lugged steel, and has pretty good clearance for tires. It was running 35's as it was and there was plenty of room for a larger tire. Maybe a 45? Sorry about the phone pics here.
lugs and a pump peg
It looks tight, but there is some space.

Nice details
Another interesting note is this Stumpy spotted on craigslist recently. It's hard to make out a year because of the crappy pics but the last one is the real money shot. It's the Team San Jose model. I dug around and there was nothing on that model. It could be an ultra rare model as Specialized is from San Jose, and this bike was listed in San Jose. Not sure about that fork, but I'd love to see a better pic!

The High Art Part
Also, my ameture photograph, flash and all, of a sweet Cinelli poster. I can't be positive but it looks like a naked Princess Leia on a Cinelli mixte. Everything about this stokes me out. That bike is probably more rare than a Team San Jose Stumpy.

Then there's this great poster made by Brooke Budner for the Greenhorns. Click the pic to link
Lastly I found this Japanese flicker page. There's some bmx stuff in there too, but mostly rad nice 80's MTBs and great pics. Check the pic below and more HERE.


  1. Hi there. Could you tell me what kind of rear rack you have on your blue Stumpy with the dirt drop handlebars? I'm looking for a silver rack for my old Stumpy that will fit 26" tires.
    Also, how does your friend like his Hunqapillar? If I could, that would be my next bike.

    1. The back rack on the stumpy is a Nitto Campee Big back rack (the 33R). It's a great rack, but it's pricey; I paid more for the rack than I did for the complete bike! My buddy loves the Hunq, we've even taken it on some pretty technical singletrack and he said it handled amazing. We are of course huge fans of Rivendell...

  2. Thanks for the info Mark. That's what I'll be buying. The Hunq seems like such a great bike. I love the diagonal tube through the main triangle and the versatility of the frame (and all Rivendells for that matter). I know what you mean about the new set up on your Stumpy but it makes total sense and I would imagine you'll come to prefer the dirt drops over the previous set-up.
    Just so you know, I like reading your blog and have similar interests in bikes. Keep it up.

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  4. Love the cinelli poster! Are those definitely 48cm Nitto? Center to center? That is wider than I have found for the dirt drops.

    1. Those bars are funny, 43.5 ctc 50 at the end of the flared section. It's been a while since I looked at the specs for those bars but it was deceiving however they were measured, and I was disapointed with their fit. I took those bars off in favor of 46cm Noodles, which I found to be way better.