Monday, January 2, 2012

NYE SAM P/ Darby's Fuji

Nye Camping, just a short pedal out to Samuel P Taylor State Park. What nice line of bikes in the woods!

The Fuji is finished (I think). I cleaned it all up, put on a new chain and freewheel, changed some cables and housing, a new used seat, and new rear tire that is a closer match to the one on the front. The other changes I talk about below. While I had the wheels off for truing, I noticed that the Suntour XC hubs are cartridge bearing models. Pretty sweet. I also feel pretty good about the fender line; its not perfect but good enough for me.
The fender install was a real bastard, I guess it kinda always is though. I found these mystery fenders at REI marked way down and missing most of the original hardware. I was pretty amped though, because I had a bunch of fender hardware laying around from an old wood fender project. The stays and R clips are Velo Orange, while the top clip is Honjo.
The Honjo part is graceful, but I had to jank on a little extra length.
Also from VO, I had this little Rando Rack that I got a year ago hoping that it would fit my Rivendell. It turned out to be impossible to fit the thing on the Riv because of the huge tire clearance. I've tried several bikes since and it fit terribly on those too. Since this frame has the roller cams, the rack stays are able to clear the brakes.
I had to get crafty again here, as the provided P clamps are way too small. These are just copper tube straps from the hardware store manhandled into shape with a little electrical tape to protect the paint.

I pulled the stem while going through everything, and it is indeed a Nitto.
Ritchey Riser bars, and those Origin8 grips that have sawdust (cork?) in them.
Pretty passable for a commuter...

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