Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Day Dirt Doggin'

As Jonny pointed out, repeatedly, there was something magical about the light. I wish my cellcam picked it up better, but I think it's got some sort of anti-magic filter (it was cheap, ok?) It looks like nice light, none the less.

It made doing our usual loop like a new dirt dogging experience - yes, a magical experience - that livened up our old standby loops, namely Backwards Redwood, The Ewok Needle (which we Thread), Jurassic Park, Pathway To The Wizard's Circle, that part of Big Trees I don't have a cool name for, Sunset, and good old J. Miller in general.

We felt motivated to take a few Inspiration Breaks.

Notice this Stumpjumper's hi-tech pump mounting rig.

That's merely inspirational tobacco, btw.

We ended our ride in the best light of the first day of the year.

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