Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dirt Owls fog ride

My buddy Mark and I share the same birthday, so we got a crew together for a little b-day dirt ride. It was probably the largest crew that we've been able to assemble of old mtbs for a ride in the mud. With the exception of Brian's Hunqapillar, the newest bike was an 1985. Needless to say I was super pumped about the whole ordeal.

The line up at Cole coffee
Lots of leather saddles in there:
Intense fog:
Paceline, because we are very serious riders:
The gates of Gnarnia
Just seconds after everyone landed big air tabletops:

The fog has been condensing and causing "rain" in the woods up on the hill. It's pretty amazing to get to ride mud in the beginning of August.
Nancy is riding the 83 Schwinn High Commando

My dirty odalisque:
The muddied crew. Mark had just scored those shoes at a garage sale.
A detail crotch shot showing the spray:
Ride on!

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