Saturday, August 27, 2011

15 miles in the dirt

Last weekend we got out and explored the trails at Lake Chabot a bit. By and large we try to "ride to the ride", meaning we don't drive a truck loaded with bikes to the trailhead. I'm fine with the other way too, and I get why folks do it; I only mention it because it kinda influences the way we build the bikes up. Riding big fat tires with low profile tread isn't the most ideal set-up if you want to just shred trail super fast. We've been seeing the limitations of that on our rides with lots of slippage, wipeouts, and generally slower speeds. The trick is that we want to have fun on the road too, and we do a lot of mixed terrain rides. Knobs would be killer on the trail, but such a bummer on the long sections of road. We also tend to bring stuff for longer rides, so you'll notice seatbags and funky stuff strapped to racks. It's nice to eat a sandwich out there on the trail, or stash that hoodie. Anyway, the more we ride these old things we see how versatile they are and the limitations too.
Some pics:
In reverse order, a shady spot :
Jonny in Chabot, post wipe out:
My bike and the view:
bros finishing snack time:
Jonny on the Big Trees Trail in Joaquin Miller

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