Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lugged Fork crowns

I was digging around recently trying to see who still makes lugged fork crowns for mountain bikes. I guess what I found was that it's not very many! From what I found just on the web there's Pacenti:

And there's this kinda unicrown thing that Long Shen makes (not sure they still make this):

Which is kinda like the crown on many old mtbs like the Stumpjumper:
I'm not a frame builder, just a frame admirer, so I could be wrong about what's out there. I do know that many of the lug suppliers don't have full catalogs online, so there may be a whole world of this stuff out there, but somehow I doubt it.

Lugged forks aside, here's a little eye candy for your sweet tooth:

This is a 1986 Colnago I recently saw on craigslist.

And a truely far-out Puch Scout I saw on a forum.

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