Sunday, October 17, 2010

Emma's project bike

Q: What are these dude's doing?
A: Thinking about vintage mountian bikes of course

This is the little bike I've been working on for Emma. The frame is nothing too special, and has bad paint and some dings, but it fits and it's still a Bridgestone. In cobbling this thing together I ran into a little mystery. We had a set of these old specialized touring triple cranks in the basement:

Cool cranks, but I couldn't find the BB spindle length. Sheldon Brown is really the only database I could find that had BB specs but nothing on the old Specialized crankset. Luckily the orange stumpy in the basement has the same cranks so I just took those off and measured, and came up with 120mm (I have janky calipers, but I tried to be accurate). So if you've got the same problem, now it's on the web somewhere.

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