Monday, September 20, 2010

Changes to the Runner

As I mentioned in the last post I took the Ridgerunner out last weekend on a long trial ride. This week I sorted out some of the problems. So it just got some new stuff like: Jitensha studio bars, nitto riser stem, problem solvers cable guide mounted to the stem, thread tape on the bb shell that keeps trying to come out, a newer front der., a VO saddle, and a cheapie Carridice knock off seat bag.

I built it up and took it out for a little sunset test run and got to see this gnar-gnar fog scene:

A pic of the old Suntour Superbe TECH front der. I like how the design looks like an old Campi nouvo record. I had to take it off because the spring is losing its juice and I couldn't get it to consistently drop into the little chain ring.
I also bought this heap for 20 bucks hoping to find a diamond in the rough. I ended up finding a cubic zirconia in the rough. I almost didn't get it when I saw that the rear canti stud had been broken off, but when I noticed that it had an old Atom tandem rear wheel with a drum brake and a 5 speed cluster I decided to go for it. Also has cool stem bars and suntour power ratchet shifters. Maybe some day I'll actually get a brazing kit and fool with this thing. I believe it's an 1985 Norco

Infinity tubes

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