Friday, January 2, 2015

Year's end

 Well it was a pretty slow year around here at the blog thanks to a new baby and Instagram, but here are a some pics since the last post in August. Vintage MTB might not be the perfect fit namewise for the blog these days since my interest has shifted from solely old mtbs to bikes in general and fun bike projects. I still get stoked out by a rad vintage mtb, but I've been been riding everything and having fun with it all.

Here are a few from the Christmas ride:
 Some folks drove in so we hauled gear and food in from a parked car.

Stopped for beverages at a little hidey hole. 
 looks like we are gona be late...

Also went to France to visit family. The vintage city bike scene was off the hook!
 notice the rear brake placement, early mtb designers wern't the first ones to try the chainstay mount.

 Awesome CLB centerpull with brazed on studs.
 Brake line goes through the seat tube.
 Grizzled Ideale saddle

 Saint Christopher, protector of cyclists
St. Christophor bell and amazing brake levers.


 Nice high yolk on the rear brake.
 Pic of an Olympic vase from 1924(?)

From a camping trip in October
 Good canned beer from the road.
Sometimes it's hard not to take a shot on Ridgecrest.
  Mudballin Briones
Diablo peeping
 mud balls

Weekender, failed at camping the first night, stayed at Montara lighthouse instead.

 Made it to Butano the next night after dilly dallying around.
 On the way back checked out the road to Purisima Creek


  1. I've gotta say, your blog is super rad. Thanks for sharing man.

  2. You're on Instagram? Of all the blogs I followed, this is the last one left.