Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rack Hack

 In preparation for an uncoming camping trip I was trying to figure out a front rack for the Dirt Owl. On other bikes I have used the Nitto Mini Front rack with P clamps and it's always worked out fine. I was about to switch one over from another bike when, just for shiggles, I measured the reach of the legs and realized that they would land right on top of the canti studs on the new bike. If I had the time I could have ordered a Nitto Mark's rack from Riv, but with the holiday coming up I wouldn't get it in time. Then I remembered this crappy old VO Pass Hunter front rack that I had that wouldn't fit any of my bikes that had any decent tire clearance. (It did fit my wife's Bridgestone RB-T, but she never used it) Anyway, it still wouldn't work on the new bike unless I just hacked it up, and so that's just what I did.
 I cut of the legs, added another section of stainless tube with a piece of solid stock as an innner sleeve and brazed it up. You can see in this pic just how far forward the legs had to go to make up for the new lower position. For the moment, or forever, I'm just leaving the huge hole where the old legs were.

I didn't do a super clean job, but VO racks are pretty sloppy anyway. We'll see how it does this weekend.

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