Sunday, October 27, 2013

More Tam

 Headed up Mt Tam again today. Since we live in Oakland, we don't make it over there as much as we should and Tam still holds a bunch of new territory for us. Luckily the rides on Tam make the tedium of riding throught the city worth it. We just headed up Old Railroad Grade and took a peek at the summit and headed down Eldridge Grade/Blithedale. I had never seen some of these trails and, as always, new trails are the best trails. I also managed to wipe out right in front of a huge group of hikers which is always fun

Heading up. Some weird fog thing brewing in the background.

Heading down Eldrigde. A little bumpy for my narrower virtually treadless tires. I rode with a bunch of folks in Santa Cruz last weekend who were killing it on 28s and 32s but I guess I'm just spoiled after riding big knobby 2.3 inchers. I was envious of Mark's wide supple 2.35" small block 8's.

 Our future trail
 Madrone color
 That fog was blowing in with a fury. Sun breaks like this made for a heavy bliss vibe, whatever that means.
 Lastly today I've got this weird thing. I recently took a headset out of this old Trek 890 to use it on another bike. I didn't end up using it because it was all plastic- the top and bottom cups and the fork crown race, what a terrible idea! Anyway that wasn't the strangest thing I found. Looking down the head tube I noticed that the vent holes were really big and in fact weren't vent holes at all. On some old treks the entire head tube is a LUG!? The "lugs" you see are fake (well kinda anyway) because the whole head tube/lugs is one cast lug. I guess the idea was that it made a cheaper faster production, but I've certainly never see it before. I lightly looked into it and there is a pic of one in the 1989 catalog over at vintagetrek. Weird.

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