Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Little trippin

 We got out this weekend for my wife's birthday, just a casual mostly dirt ride to Slide Ranch. Always awesome to end a ride at a warm hippie house on a bluff above the ocean. That said, after dinner and a hang, we spent the night in our tent serenaded by the sound of crashing waves and racoons feasting on the food we forgot in our panniers.

 I changed up my wife's bike for the ride, nobbies, a 24t ring up front, new old xt rear der, and some sweepy back bars. Looks like a fake Hunqapillar (Funkapillar?)
 Brian looking on from his speedy Legolas, all three MTBs in the pack are from 83/4.
 An excellent pee spot

 Winter all day on the coast.
 Fancy beverages at the Pelican Inn.
 This is part of my most recent project. I've been hitting a lot of dead ends trying to teach myself how to build a frame, but some of the pieces are starting to come together.  A part of me wants to throw in the towel and just take a class, but most of the classes cost about as much as a good portion of the tools you need to make a frame. I'm sticking with the hard slow way for the moment.
 My attempt at a frame drawing for a big 9er camper. Turns out, it's hard to make a lugged 9er with the lug angles available (Correct me if I'm wrong here!).  Plan 650B is stewing...

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