Monday, June 3, 2013

O' Giant Rock of Marin

We snuck out for a little night under the stars last Friday. I almost camped here with some folks a few weeks ago, but work interrupted so I decided to make it back out and ride some new-to-me dirt on the way back in. We camped at Pantoll campground, which is a kinda lame car camping spot, but it's a nice ride out and the surrounding area is incredibly beautiful.

Mark was testing out his new front bag design.
 And his new custom sleeping bag fabric-rack. In lieu of a rack, he made a fabric carrier that straps to the seatpost and to the seat rails. It also serves as a seat bag support for his Carridice bag.
 Here's just a loaded shot. I was carrying more than I needed for a warm overnighter, but I wanted to really test the new bag support. Included is a light pitch version of my MSR Hubba Hubba(no tent, just poles, footprint, and fly), Biolite stove, 3/4 pad, sleeping bag, liner, food, and warm clothes. We didn't carry any beer, but regretted it as soon as we made it to camp.  Once we settled in we just decided it'd be fun to fly down the mountain to Stinson and grab a couple of cold ones and head back up before sunset. What an epic downhill!

 Learning new card games, testing the camera.

 New growth
 Coming down coast view trail. From the campground you can stay on dirt nearly the entire way back to the Golden Gate Bridge.

 After an expensive but relaxing breakfast at the Pelican Inn, we climbed out of Muir beach on Coastal fire trail. The trail is steep and there was definitely a bit of pushing here.

And into Tennesee valley
 No pics for the rest of the ride through the Headlands, but we were left dreaming of a dirt route back to Oakland...

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  1. I like y'all's style!

    Except for the not packing beer from the get-go. Duh.