Friday, May 3, 2013

Busy week ends

I had the good fortune this past week to ride and camp with Cass from While Out Riding. You get the sense reading his blog that he's a nice guy and as it turns out he is! An unexpected bonus was meeting other rad local folks who had all met up for the occasion. Everyone who came were real bike dorks and it was super fun to talk shop, try out bikes (that Krampus is insane!), and just to ride.

 Morning scene, peeking out of my bag.

This sunrise was so resplendent, I would have been stoked all day just having seen it.

 Thanks to J-rod for this pic. Regulators mount up.

 Cass ripping

 The stumpy and Collin's fatbike

I also finally received some tubing and have started practicing brass brazing. It is much more difficult than silver, but a fun challenge. I'm still roasting the tubes but it's satisfying to actually get the brass to move. Baby steps.
 Lastly there's this thing. I was wrong. No drop bars, no sir! For a relatively small frame, this has a long top tube, which makes the reach to the drops too long and awkward. Also my friend getting this bike wants to cruise, and cruise she shall.


  1. Sounds like a truly awesome time of a weekend,my friend,wish I coulda been there myself! Doesn't get much better in life :D


  2. Great to meet you Mark, and talk Stumpys (-:
    If I remember rightly, I came flying off the handlebars shortly after the the pic you took of me rippin'!
    I'll post some Shell Ridge pics soon. Just back in New Mexico. Come ride some time.

    1. I'll definitely hit you up next time I'm in NM. I look forward to the post!