Monday, April 8, 2013

Random recentness

 Springtime wildflowers are going nuts in Tilden.

Then there's this thing. It's my first ever brazing project and it's a whole two inches long. This was made as a kind of hack to make a Rivendell/Nitto top rack work as a front rack on a Bruce Gordon that only has the normal single hole drilled in the fork crown. I found some stainless tube at the local hardware store and some stainless washers, and a little brazing later had this. We ended up flipping it for the final installation for more clearance.

 Yup there it is. The two struts are super stubby when used up front.
 We used one through bolt for the struts.
 And the finished rack. Let the testing begin! Time will tell if my brazing will hold up....
 Then some Dirt Owls made it out for a sloppy Sunday ride.
 Here's a closer up of a bud's 83/4 stumpy sport. Pretty much breaking all the rules of taking a good bike pic here, but it seemed lame to reposition it just for a shot mid-ride. He's got the Bosco bullmoose bars on it and it feels chilaxy, but still makes it out to see the dirt. Also of note here is a Bruce Gordon rear rack.

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