Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Narwal gumwall skinwall tires

I'm kinda a fan of tan wall tires, whichever wall you call them, gumwall or skinwall. Even though I prefer to modernize old mtbs I still have some love for the aesthetics of the old gumwall. In recent times it's been hard to find new quality gumwall tires to rebuild your vintage mtb, but it seems that there is some small change in the air. The Soma blog today noted that Panaracer is going to start making the classic 26" Smoke and Dart tires in a gumwall once again. This news got me hunting around looking for other gumwall 26ers and  I found that Onza has two of them! It's like finding a bird thought to be long extinct, only way lamer, because well, it's just a tire.  There's also the DMR Super Moto, which is really the best of the bunch because it has a Tetris-y tread pattern that most folks can actually use. It kinda reminds me of the totally awesome Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Road tires, who it's worth noting, has a new vid out all about that classic bike.

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