Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dirty Overnighter

I was really lucky to be invited out for a camping trip this weekend. Fall is nipping hard at our heels but it was incredible and sunny out there for the ride. We camped at Steep Ravine, an awesome spot just south of Stinson Beach. There's a nice grocery in Stinson so you really didn't need to carry much by way of food and beer. The best part about the route is that you can make it at least half way on the dirt riding the Headlands to Tennessee valley and then climbing up and over to Muir Beach. From there you're stuck on the road, but it's a killer section and the traffic was light when I hit it at 5pm. 

Tam from the trail
View from the trail just before the descent into Muir Beach.
The descent has some roller coaster-like burms as you come down to the beach and I realized that the marshmallowy feeling I was getting was a mixture of bliss and my nearly flat rear tire. I couldn't ask for a nicer place to change tubes.
Back on the 1
Eeking in at sunset
fogged in morning
On the road with the crew
This thing saved me on this trip. It's a old down jacket thrifted for 4 bucks with a big duct tape patch on it. I'm posting about it because it was made in that era when a bunch of small California companies started making rad outdoor gear. This thing is probably 20 years old and is just as useful today as it was designed to be back then. It seemed like a treasure when I found it, a little like those old mtbs...
The label inside says it's from Fresno
this is a nice detail, I'll need to write my name on it asap!

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