Thursday, May 3, 2012

1984 Stumpy and the grizz

I just picked up this '84 Stumpy as a frame/fork/headset from a very nice guy with similar taste in old mtbs. I've been tinkering on it building it up for a buddy and here is the current iteration. I'm trying to keep it on the cheap even though its a nice old bike and deserves a nice build. The paint is kind of toast, which isn't a huge deal, but still a bummer. I did some half-assed rust protection with some T-9 inside the tubes and even right over the paint in places. It seems at least for the moment that the T-9 is safe on paint and the gloss (what little is left) looks nice.  It's currently a commuter build with a 1x6 setup. The single ring up front will need some work though, probably a non operational front derailleur, since it's pretty prone at the moment to drop the chain. If I was being fancy I'd go for a nicer chain guide like the Paul Chain keeper.

 The old deer hear derailleur probably won't stay, the springs are too worn, and the pivots are too sloppy. Tires are some cheapie Chen Shin 2.125". They seem to be ok, heavy as hell, and they have a crazy oil/rubber smell, otherwise they are fun on the bike.
 That's an old 600 freewheel on there with a nice big granny. Vertical dropouts too.
 Nice reinforcers on the brake bridge stiffener.
 Even the canti posts are nice on this thing, not clunky and square.
 Fastback stays show a little uneven brazing, but are cool. This is one of the details that distinguishes the Stumpjumper from the Stumpjumper sport.

 Pointy lug undersides, a bad idea as they create a stress riser at the tip and can cause a crack. It was early days and they hadn't figured it all out.

 Like many of the bikes in 84 the stumpy has the wishbone shape chain stays that connect to almost straight rear facing sockets in the BB lug. I love this, look how far the wheel is from the seat post!

 OH Biplane, oooooh biplane! It's got an interesting brake yolk too.
 Black annodized headset
 Kinda period correct cockpit. Grips are VO.
 When I got the grips I tried to run a VO Postino bar on a tall riser stem, but it wasn't to be. The handling with those bars and the tall and long stem was jittery because, I think, of the super slack head tube angle, ie lots of wheel flop. I'm so used to these old bikes with their crazy long wheelbases feeling very stable, so this was a shock. I mostly remedied the handling by using a shorter stem with less rise and wider bars that are less swept back. It finally feels a little rowdy now (wheelies), and more stable.
 These are the little brother of those long Dia Compes, also Dia Compe, but less power.

Then there's the Grizz. updated as my commuter. really just added a nicer newer wheelset and a new chain.
 Old style pump mountin'
 Those new (old) wheels
 I am digging these bars!
Oh yeah, and my sweet new basket I found at the dump bungeed to the rack. Not cool, but so cool!

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