Saturday, April 14, 2012

1986 Specialized Stumpjumper

I just finished building up my '86 Stumpy that Mark found last month.
I installed an old Brooks Conquest saddle and drilled holes in the sides so I can lace it up to keep the leather off the rails. I think it needs the full Grant Petersen treatment to bring it back to life since the leather is torn around the front rivets.
The crankset, rear derailer, front brake, and brake levers are both '93 Deore LX off my old Yokota Yosemite that I bought when I was 13 years old. The shifters and front derailer are early 90s XT.
I did some serious metal grinding to shave off enough of the LX brakes to fit the XT thumbshifters. I'm also rocking old Onza barends. I haven't followed what's happened in mountain biking in the last 15 years, but I hear that barends aren't cool anymore. That's crazy because barends are great, so fashion be damned, I'm going with what works.

The clearance is pretty tight with the undermount break. I wonder why they didn't just go with cantis in the back.
Sweet original Saturae rims.
And a sweet original Stumpjumper stem.
The bottom bracket is a little longer than it needs to be, but it works.
Also, my buddy Quentin in Santa Cruz just had his new custom made bike stolen. Please keep an eye out for it--it's super unique. Quentin makes rad trailers that are great for everything, including touring on dirt. I'll write about mine soon which I've been doing everything with, including hauling my Stumpy home. He's also super sweet, rides bikes more than anyone, and is super generous about sharing his crazy dirt touring routes. Let's get his bike back.

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