Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stumpjumpers, the stump jump, EL DIABLO, green gnarl, lug life

Finally made it out to camp Diablo this weekend. Left me blissy all day today.

That little flat looking launch ramp in the horizon is Mt Tam.
Pro level lighting solutions

The view looking east from the top.

Dirt all the way down

Not a stump or a jump here, but close.Just shredding every thing he sees...

Then some pics from last weekend. Wildcat Canyon jiggle fest. There are cows in this section and they have pock marked every inch of the field. Zooming down was an insane full-bodyquake.
Stumpy brothers
Nate's '85. We obviously have very similar taste.And here we have the newest addition to the clan. Nick's 1986 Stumpy that I just got from a very nice guy who upgraded to a Rivendell Hunquapillar. I'm slowly learning the slight differences in Stumpy years. In '85 they had cantis in the rear, but in '86 they used the undermount brake with a roller cam. Other slight changes are the decal on the downtube no longer says "specialized" and the drive side chainstay is no longer chromed. This bike has an engraved Stumpjumper stem, but I'm not too sure that it is original to the bike.

And on a totally different note, I've been wondering what do you do with old tires? I mean, I know I could just throw them out, but it seems like as soon as I do I'll meet someone who restores old mtbs and wants them. I also know that old dry gumwalls are really no good to ride but for whatever reason I can't toss them. I wish you could still get a gumwall knobby 26" tire but they don't seem to exist any more. (nerds let me know if I'm wrong on this one) I was shooting around looking for info on Mitsuboshi tires and I found This site that is kinda on topic and at least has an interesting tire story if you disregard the Umma Gumma bit. Here are some examples from my stash:

This was only made for the '84 Trek 890, I think...

A nice one for an old Mt Whitney

I like how this one seems to have two names.

Not a tire but a neat detail. This cable housing came off my 1984 Ridgerunner and has the date stamp to prove it.

Guessing here but looks to be an '85 Miyata Terra Runner.

My stumpy has given me a new found love for the lugged sloping fork crown.

I saw this recently... stoked me out!

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