Thursday, October 27, 2011

Random projects

This is a little project that I've had around for a while and finally got to working on. I moved about six months ago and the new place is up a little hill. The hill is no big deal but it has been a bummer to ride up on my old commuter which was a single speed. The single speed was also a crappy old road bike, and since we've been riding mtbs I want to run over stuff in the road rather than avoid it. Anyway I got this bike instead. Enter the new geared janktastic Prant Geterson designed XO-Whatever. Yes, it was a rare find, but the mythical polished turd does indeed exist. This is that aluminum trek 8000 from posts of the past, freshly sandblasted, and looking just kinda weird.

These are the tires from that cracked trek 890. Still good after 25 years!
I'm surprised at how comfy the mustache bars are.
This is an ancient Ideal Saddle, when I got it you could still see the Daniel Rebour signature on the center of the top.
Although on it's face it wouldn't seem like these next pics are about mtbs, and mostly they aren't. This is my new old roadie. It's a 1991 Basso Loto. Just as I mentioned above, riding fat tires has made anything less than 25c just no fun. I was stoked to realize that I could squeeze 28s in the frame and still have some room. I would have guessed that it would be impossible on anything that is this racy.

This is a bad angle really; there is probably 1/4" clearance.

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