Monday, September 12, 2011

Jon's Beast of the East, and something else

I'm gonna start with the something else because I loaded the pics in the wrong order in Blogger and, well, I'm not smart enough to easily flip them around. This hulk is an 1987 Trek 8000; a bonded aluminum frame I just found on the side of the road. It's not a special bike really, but I wanted to post pics because when I went looking around for pics of the bike on the web, there were none. There are some unique features.

Pretty ugly. I'm going to build it up as my commuter, and ditch my commuter roadie.
strange clamp on this bad boy
Deore crank and Biopace rings. I'm always surprised at how well the sticker stays on. Stuck there for 24 years and counting.
U brake
Interesting chunky dropout and stays
horse shoe
Dirt drop stem
Cool deore thumbies
Nuff said

Recently Jon and I were fooling around with junk that was in the shop and decided to make a janky 9er bike. This was so much fun to build! Here she is:

90's Fisher frame had a BLOWN fork originally, which inspired the 29er build. Koski Stem, easton seat post, wrecked Concor saddle, LX hubs, old DX front brake. Other parts listed below.
Sorry sideways, but here you can see we added the Surly fork with soooo much clearance.
Oury grips, Shimano DX 7spd shifter on a pod mount.
Old Deore singled triple crank and the bear traps form the Berry.
Jon had the bike set up as a single speed for one week and we used this old Sante rear der. as the tensioner. When we got the geared wheelset (also found in a trash pile!) we just kept the Sante. It works pretty well too, which is surprising given the super short cage.
Here's the jankiest part. The frame of course was made for 26" rims. Jon fond this brake with a lot of clearance and mounted it on the Brake bridge/stiffener. The tire is so close!
We rode Redwood and Jouquin Miller and Jon said it was sweet, we'll see if it holds up.

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