Monday, July 18, 2011

Portland to Oakland, two weeks on two wheels

Just returned from a two week tour from Portland to Oakland with my oldest buddy in the world.
The ride out of Portland:
Chrome dome:
Clearcut road:
Arrival near Cape Lookout. Dave and Amanda showed us the rad route to the beach:

Cheese Nip:

Our two rigs at Umpqua lighthouse campground. Fourth of July weekend, hence the flags. We heard through friends that the flags might serve as camouflage for us and win us some social graces on the crowded roads.

A fresh bud knocked from a tree in the insane headwind we had just been riding in.

Butter herb mac and cheese, with Tapatio Doritos added. Mix this with cold beer and you've got a gut bomb party!
The Riv in the Redwoods
Double crotch shot in hollow Redwood:

Old bike logo in Fortuna:

We ran into this very friendly guy named Scott having coffee on the Avenue of the Giants. At first I didn't notice that he was riding an 85/86 Stumpjumper, but as you can imagine I was pretty pumped to talk to him about it. He was living the dream; he told us that 3 days a week he rides his bike to his canoe, throws the bike in, canoes down, and takes the bike back out to ride it to get coffee. Killer!
Avenue of the Giants:
Lunch at the totally incredible Peg House and a day off in the Eel River. NEVER DON'T STOP:
Balh Hornin'
Then there was this guy. We got a pretty good chuckle when he drank two bottles of wine and passed out perpendicular to his tent (inside):
At the finish of the Leggett hills:

Met our friend Tamar in Elk:
Rad old general store:
And done! Lagunitas Pale Ale donut explosion on the ferry to SF:
Ryan and the Foggen Gate Bridge. The ferry was the right choice!

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