Monday, May 30, 2011

Carradice Bagman

I just bought a Carradice Bagman saddle bag support for my cheapie Origin8 longflap knock off. I'm planning a little two-nighter camping trip soon and needed some more support for the bag. When I've used the bag in the past with out a support it's just flying around like crazy on the trail. Here it is:

It works out pretty well. I've only tested it on two dirt rides so far, and it is certainly better than nothing at all. My only criticism would be that the set screws that hold the stainless rod into the aluminum mount came loose while I was riding and one of the struts came out. That was kind of a bummer to fix on the trail, and even when it is properly set up it still wiggles a bit and will probably come undone again in the future. I liked the simple clean design at first but for off road riding a welded support would probably be much better, like the clunky Viva.

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