Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tamar's dreamy Montare

Tamar just started this rad project frankenstiening a 1985 Specailized Rockhopper with a 1985 Fischer Montare Mountain Bike.(maybe guessing a bit on the years, but close) Basically she wanted a bunch of parts off the Rockhopper to replace the stuff on her Montare. The montare had biopace, bad wheels, and a scuffed up deer head rear der., so we swapped out the cranks, bb, and wheels and recabled and put new brake pads on. And, since we were at it we cleaned the whole thing and parts. Tamar added the sweet old Brooks from another bike. The pics show it not quite done yet, but soon she'll have a set of Panaracer Uff Das and some new grips and she'll be ready to shred. Pretty killer bike.

The rockhopper before

The Montare before
Sweet specialized cranks
Two deer head variations
"finished" bike needs new tires and grips

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