Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lake Del Valle

Apparently they say it like "Lake Del Vahl." Anyway a bunch of folks rode out there this last weekend and took a bunch of different routes. Nick and I decided to rep the dirt owls and tried to hit about 50% dirt on the ride out. Other than waking up with flu like symptoms, it was a totally rad ride!

Nick checking on his baby, his Farfarer that is. I really am stoked on this kind of touring set-up; panniers are always a little funny on the dirt.
meadowitude, floweritude
There is really a lot of variation in Chabot.

Paved paths aren't so bad when they are in places like this and don't have cars on them.
At the bottom of the mega climb.
An once we barely made it up...
And the lake on the other side of the ridge...
It was still about an hour to camp from the ridge and there was a bunch of fun singletrack in-between. Here's the stumpy with my funny loading.
Yup. Supermoon peepin'. So Pitted.

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