Thursday, May 31, 2012


Just a quickie post. First are two panoramas from our Diablo trip. I'm a crappy photographer, and I use a cheap camera, and it shows. I am however stoked to use photoshop's merge tool to make a pan shot because it's to only thing that comes close to the sense you have in the moment. The two shots below are more or less the same position, one at sun set, and the other at sunrise. You can see the shape of the mountain in the shadow on the sunrise pic.

I also just scored some lightly used Schwalbe Supremes 700x50 or 29x2." Below is the before pic.
The after. They feel so good! SO big! So stoked!
Figured I'd snap a pic or two from before the fenders came off. There is so much room in the frame that it necessitated spacing the fenders down towards the tires when running a 32. It's just a long allen inserted from inside the fender with two nuts locked in place and some lock washers. This set up worked without adjustment for an 800 mile tour and a year of riding. (although to be fair, I mostly ride my MTBs)

Not elegant, but it worked.

This is the clearance with the new tires. Plenty of space. My ancient calipers read 1/32" over 2" wide.

It's a little hard to get that shot under the rando bag...oh well.

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