Thursday, May 24, 2012

El Diablo dos, trail streak, insane iboc, grease guard, tees

Headed up to camp s24o style on Monday night on Diablo. We figured that it won't be long till the mountain is just too hot to be fun and took advantage of a slow work week.
Stumpy brothers
Slowly ascending. A very nice roadie slowed to ride with us for a minute and chat. Later, on his way back down he stopped to chat again and mentioned that we "weren't doing very well," by which he meant that we weren't just mashing like hell to make it up. He didn't mean any real criticism, but it was a funny reminder how different our two mindsets and ways of riding are. We were taking breaks in the shade, stopping just to look at the view or some bird, just taking our time to goof off. He was out on more or less a training ride with the clock in mind. I suppose it's just nice to keep in mind what you are out to do and not blast when you should be chilling and enjoying the scene, and I think even though we all know that, we also sometimes forget.
Baby rattler
70's shot from Juniper.
We were fascinated by this pine tree that was abundant at higher elevation. 
It has GIANT cones
There's the perspective shot. We tried to key it and our best guess is a Grey Pine, well, that or a Coulter's pine.
Taking it in.
This is a jankier version of Gabe's "brotisserie". It's just a spare spoke skewer; would have been better with two spokes, but it did the trick.
This lady was hanging out in the food box at the camp site. Pretty freaky thing to see especially after you've been reaching in and out of there all night. I think I saw her husband's corpse dangling up in the corner of the web...
We got surprise "fog rain" just after sunset and were woefully under prepared. We used Nate's serape as the floor and my tarp as the lean-to.  It managed to keep us dry!
Descending 3/4 of the way down on dirt.

This is just some old Diamondback Trail streak I saw at BART.  It's not fancy like the ridgerunner, but there are nice details of an early MTB. 
Biplane fork crown. Someday I'll do real research and find out who made all of the different fork crowns from this era. This one is very similar to the Stumpy.
Diamondback only bullmoose bars with the bent struts.
tigged frame
Then there is this very funny thing. I recently traded an old funky table saw for a old funky Mongoose Iboc Pro. The guy I got it from told me how he likes to "fix" stuff. It's pretty amazing how crazy his fixes were. I was hoping to give the bike to a buddy with no bike, but the bike was just too trashed. It seems that my "fixing" friend had managed to mess up almost every part of the bike that he touched.
This is a cartridge bb installed backwards with a lock ring from another bb on it, and it had a bb cup on the other side from a loose ball type bb! Wow.
The only real score here was this. The rear hub is a thread-on XC pro grease guard model, and the cartridges are still good.

Oh yeah and I just experimented with our new home made screen printing rig, and made some Oakland Dirt Owl tees.

and a bandanna for jon
And lastly, I just wanted to put this up because I thought it was crazy. We all saw that solar eclipse and of course didn't see that solar eclipse, cause well, you couldn't look at it. I shot this just with my phone and didn't realize till later that somehow the eclipse was caught in the glare. The world is magic.

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