Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Street Bikes

I just returned from a very brief east coast blitz. I didn't get to dirt a dog a day while out there but I was obsessively checking the streets for cool early Mtbs. It's kind of funny how getting interested in these old production mountain bikes really makes looking at crappy bikes in the city so much more fun. Many of these bikes are obviously just commuters and delivery bikes. Now I catch myself really trying to see if crackheads are riding some old gem, because well, these bikes turn up all over the place. Anyway, I only saw two bikes of note; one in New York and one in DC. Apologies for the phone shots:

An 1986 Bianchi Grizzly ( a guess on date and model, but seems right)

By the looks of the parts on this Peugeot I'd guess 84/85 and it's either the Canyon or Orient Express model. I didn't do tons of research because I was just being lazy, but here's a link to some catalogs.
Same fork crown as my '84 Ridgerunner and similar lugged bullmoose bars like the ones that came on the 1983 Trek 830.

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