Monday, September 5, 2011

Briones and some new old bike

This weekend a friend of mine showed me a catalog for this company Retrovelo. It is basically one of those really expensive dutch bike companies, but I thought it was pretty interesting to see the similarities between the Retrovelo and bikes that we've been building up. They do a bunch of stuff that I don't care about, mainly in the drivetrain, but they are lugged, have a triple plate fork crown, city type bars, and huge tires. Anyway I thought it was a funny comparison, just 2,000 bucks more expensive! Here's a pic:

We also got out and labored for labor day. We decided to try out Briones Park and soak up some sun on the other side of the hills. We were a bit unprepared for a bunch of nasty climbing, and probably won't take the same route again. In the end I think we may have hiked as much as we biked. In spite of the nastyness we still managed to have a good time and take in some good views.

Jonny's trunk of wonders
Mark's patinaed Carridice bag hanging on a sprung VO saddle and sitting on a rebent Nitto seat mounted rack support.

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