Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dirtin' a Dog a Day

In an effort to live up to Dr. 1Time's mantra, "Dirtin' a dog a day," I headed up to Redwood to put a positive spin on a heavy commemorative time. I went left where we usually go right and eventually found myself, after a lot of serious rollers, out at Pinehurst gate.

I put a taller/longer Nitto dirt drop stem on the MB-1. Getting the drops up at a dorky height has made a huge improvement in single track handling and comfort and stuff. I like these old handlebars now.

That trail looks interesting. Have we ridden it yet? Need to figure out how to get there. . . 

These Dirt Owls elected not to dirt a dog today. Pavement for them.

PS - I used 6-speed indexing on this ride. Retrogrouch heresy!

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