Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dirt drops

Just found out that this thing exists :
It's the Origin8 dirt drop. I don't know what this company is all about, I kinda think of them as the less Rivendelly Velo Orange. They have been coming out with lots of decent quality affordable parts, probably made in Taiwan. Like VO they seem to be making cheaper versions of other existing stuff. Anyway, I like nice parts and all, but sometimes you want to just fool around and try some different part and you don't know if you'll be in love or hate it, and in that case there's no sense in breaking the bank on the way. So these things cost 20-30 bucks, I'm stoked on that.
A lot of other dirt drop bars are out there, and best I can tell, they are 15-20 bucks more at least. Soma makes the June Bug, On-One has the Midge, WTB has the Mountain Drop. Looking around a bit I found another blogger has a great page on the subject. The page is here.
I think that drops had a place on early mtbs, so I think they are an interesting choice for revamping a retro mtb, new project?


  1. Tomac ran drops. Love this photo:

  2. Yeah that's a rad shot! Not sure I'd love to be jumping with my hands in the drops though...