Thursday, June 21, 2012


It's a slow work week so I decided to enjoy the long days and do a quickie overnighter, what Rivendell folks would call a s24o, but in our case a s18o.

coming down Coastal trail
Amazing wildflowers
Everyone who camps here can't resist this pic...

I am always interested to see how others are loading their bikes, so this just shows my funny set up. I keep trying to leave my panniers behind on short dirt trips, and I like the gear being up high to clear obstacles on the trial.  I've got the sleeping pad/bag up front on a Nitto mini front rack tied on with a small rope using a trucker's hitch, and the tent on top of the rear which is supporting the big saddle bag. Extra clothes and food are in the saddle bag. It worked great, and didn't feel too funny or wobbly.
No ghost bikes with crazy sweepyback bars.
Heading out up Coastal trail. It's like a green hallway!

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