Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I saw an old Trek 790 on the street the other day and I got kinda stoked out on it. Ever since Jonny made his "Beast of the East" 26er-to-29er conversion, I've been curious about the ghetto niner. Here's a link to some pics of the 790. The 790 takes 700c wheels already so it wouldn't need any super janky conversion, just the biggest tires that would fit, which, according to a poster on a forum is 45c or 1.8". Not bad. I guess that's just a monster cross, but either way, it'd be fun to fool around with and crash into trees.
I also was looking around a lugged fork crowns recently and was reminded of the so sweet Mb-1 crown that was used in '93/'94. That's a guess on the dates, but close.

This is the one that was the model for that great crown that Pacenti makes. The Pacenti crown has 2.9" tire clearance, which is so, so, so, awesome. I want one. It might be part of the plan to fix my newly broken fork on my '84 Ridgerunner. Last time I bent the fork the guy at the shop who discovered the bent steerer said "maybe no more jumping." But what the hell is the point right? Anyway, pics to follow when I take the fork out to survey the damage.
Oh, also found this pic recently on another blog that shows an exploded Suntour bottom bracket, the same one that is on the Mt. Fuji Limited that I just finished working on. It's an interesting example of an early cartridge bearing bottom bracket. (I lost the link to the page I found this on but I'll post a link if I find it again.)
Pretty neat. The one on the Fuji was still buttery after 25 years.
Been thinking and talking about this recently. Tough guy stuff...

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